Are you Interested in Taking Horseback Riding Lessons Near Janesville or Milton,WI.

Are you interested in taking horseback riding lessons near Janesville, Wisconsin? Maybe you are looking for horseback riding lessons for kids? Many people want to take horseback riding lessons but are afraid that they don’t have the skills it takes.

So what skills does a person have to already have to begin to take horseback riding lessons? What should you know before you start riding? Do you need your own horse? What equipment do you need to buy? What special clothing do you need? Many of these questions can be answered with a simple visit to the riding stables. Different stables have different requirements.

Most stables have beginner levels which do not require any previous knowledge of horses or horseback riding. Horses are usually available for use in riding lessons so you don’t need to own your own horse to take riding lessons. Many stables require wearing riding helmets which may be available for rent or use from the stables. If you are going to continue lessons, this would be something you might want to purchase for yourself or your child. The stables you are riding with may be able to help you purchase or have a dealer they work with to buy a helmet that fits properly.

There is no special clothing required to take beginner lessons for most stables. When you get into advanced horse show lessons, they may require proper riding attire. This may be especially true for a high end English riding stable. These stables may have an etiquette expected of their riders while in and around the stables. Most stables suggest you wear long pants and shoes. Sandals are not a good idea and long pants will reduce rubbing on the saddle leather with your legs. You can buy horse riding breeches if wish, but they are not typically required for beginner horse riding lessons.

First determine why you want to take lessons and the style of horseback riding you want learn. Do you want to learn English Pleasure Riding or Western style? Are you looking to take show riding lessons or just to have fun? Do you want to learn to ride horse for sports like jumping, barrel racing, or polo? Many riding stables specialize in a style of riding. You will want to talk to them to see what styles they can teach.

You don’t need to own your own horse to take lessons but if you have your own horse and, you may consider boarding your horse at the stable where you are taking lessons. This will allow you to train on your own horse. In this instance the training is as much for the horse as it is for the rider. If you are showing your horse in competition, training on your own horse is very important.

If you are thinking of taking horseback riding lessons, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give it a try. You could have the time of your life!