Horse Riding Lessons

We offer horse riding lessons to all ages and all skill levels.  Our riding instructors have years of experience in teaching students to ride horses.  We evaluate each rider’s skill level and teach each individual to ride horses properly.  We teach individual or group lessons.  Whether you are a beginner or a vetran, we can tailor horse riding lessons to your needs.


Horse For Sale

We have gentle, experienced horses to ride for lessons.  Each horse brings a different experience to the new rider.  If you have your own horse that you would like to bring in for lessons, or board at our facility, we can accommodate you as well.  We have both indoor and outdoor arenas.  No matter the weather outside, you can still ride.

Horse Riding Lessons

Nothing builds confidence in a young women or young man, than to master the art of riding a horse.  Horse riding lessons are more than just teaching you to sit correctly in a saddle.  It teaches you coordination, balance and self confidence.  These are things that are great for everyone at any age.



Call Bellaire Farms at (608) 868-3937 or (608) 290-2525 to discuss your horse riding lessons.