The American Saddlebred Horse is a Quality Horse That Has many Desirable Traits

The American Saddlebred Horse is a quality horse that has many desirable traits.  They have a presence that not many horse breeds can match.  They have style, charm, grace and elegance.  They are intelligent horses and want to please their trainer.
They can be trained as a three gait or five gaited horse.  They also are wonderful Fine Harness horses that do well in competition. They are great sport horses.  Many riders use Saddlebred horses to jump or dressage.  They are great for hunting, trail riding, barrel racing, and western riding or as a service horse for mounted services.  Their even temperament and wiliness to work makes them perfect horses for many uses.  They are truly the All American Horse.

If you want a great horse for pleasure riding, an American Saddlebred is a great choice.  If you are a beginner just taking horseback riding lessons or an experience rider wanting to show horses, you will not be disappointed with an American Saddlebred.    They are consistent performers and their disposition is good for a beginning rider.   They have a comfortable gait and are a pleasure to ride.   Their style and attitude make them a favorite in the ring

American Saddlebred horses come in many colors.  They are typically, black, chestnut, gray, bay, buckskins, pintos, and the occasional roans.  They have a long, well curved necks, which gives them a graceful appearance.  They have strong level backs that together with their easy gaits give any horseman a quality ride.  Their eyes are wide set and very expressive.  They are smart horses, loaded with personality.  They are very proud and carry themselves well with the heads held high.

This horse has been bred in America since colonial times to be an all purpose utility horse and was called the American Horse.   As the breed developed the focus was on the gait as well as the beauty of the horse.  Breeding over the years has developed a beautiful horse with a natural easy gate.  The name was changed to the American Saddlebred in the 1800’s.  As America changed, the purpose of the American Saddlebred changed.  No longer needed for daily work chores and transportation, the Saddlebred horse became a favorite of pleasure riders as well as a star in the show ring.   With style, courage and stamina they will serve you well.