Bellaire Farms

Welcome to Bellaire Farms where dreams really continue to come true!  Kris Martalock began this amazing horse training facility with just a dream.  Kris’s dream of owning and sharing her own horse farm came true with the purchase of Bellaire Farms in November of 1987.  Kris has been training horses and winning awards ever since.  She specializes in American Saddlebreds.  She breeds, trains and sells horses from her own stud.

Kris’s love of horses and her passion for riding horses has made her one of the best trainers in the industry.  She truly loves the animals and wants to share that love with everyone.  She strives to provide luxurious environment for you to enjoy your own dream come true with riding lessons, owning and boarding your own horse, or showing your horse to win awards of your own.

If horses have been a part of your dreams, then Bellaire Farms is the place for you!