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Show Calendar

Here’s a list encompassing all the shows we are going to this year.

  • Mid-America Spring Fling Horse Show, Madison, WI March 31st- April 3rd
  • IASPHA Spring Show, Gurnee, IL April 8th-10th
  • Great River Benefit Show Cedar Rapids, IA May 13th-14th
  • Madison Classic Show, Madison, WI May 26th-29th
  • Prairie State Classic, Roscoe, IL June 3rd-5th

Wisconsin Futurity Deadline, June 15th

  • Midwest Charity Show, Springfield, IL June 14th-18th
  • Oshkosh Charity Show, Oshkosh, WI June 23rd-26th
  • IASPHA Summer Show, Gurnee, IL July 8th-10th
  • ASAW Summerfun Show, West Allis, WI July 14th-17th
  • Mid-America Signature, Roscoe, IL July 29th-31st
  • ASAW Summer Showcase, Cedarburg, WI August 13th-14th
  • Louisville World Championship, Louisville, KY August 20th-27th
  • Wisconsin Futurity Show, Madison, WI September 15th-18th
  • St. Louis National Show, St. Louis, MO September 28th- October 2nd
  • UPHA Chapter 10 fall Show, Roscoe, IL October 7th-9th
  • Mid-America Mane Event, Springfield, IL, October 20th-23rd
  • IASPHA Fall Show, Gurnee, IL October 28th-30th


(We can go to more shows at enough Customer Request)



The American Saddlebred Horse is a Quality Horse That Has many Desirable Traits

The American Saddlebred Horse is a quality horse that has many desirable traits.  They have a presence that not many horse breeds can match.  They have style, charm, grace and elegance.  They are intelligent horses and want to please their trainer.
They can be trained as a three gait or five gaited horse.  They also are wonderful Fine Harness horses that do well in competition. They are great sport horses.  Many riders use Saddlebred horses to jump or dressage.  They are great for hunting, trail riding, barrel racing, and western riding or as a service horse for mounted services.  Their even temperament and wiliness to work makes them perfect horses for many uses.  They are truly the All American Horse.

If you want a great horse for pleasure riding, an American Saddlebred is a great choice.  If you are a beginner just taking horseback riding lessons or an experience rider wanting to show horses, you will not be disappointed with an American Saddlebred.    They are consistent performers and their disposition is good for a beginning rider.   They have a comfortable gait and are a pleasure to ride.   Their style and attitude make them a favorite in the ring

American Saddlebred horses come in many colors.  They are typically, black, chestnut, gray, bay, buckskins, pintos, and the occasional roans.  They have a long, well curved necks, which gives them a graceful appearance.  They have strong level backs that together with their easy gaits give any horseman a quality ride.  Their eyes are wide set and very expressive.  They are smart horses, loaded with personality.  They are very proud and carry themselves well with the heads held high.

This horse has been bred in America since colonial times to be an all purpose utility horse and was called the American Horse.   As the breed developed the focus was on the gait as well as the beauty of the horse.  Breeding over the years has developed a beautiful horse with a natural easy gate.  The name was changed to the American Saddlebred in the 1800’s.  As America changed, the purpose of the American Saddlebred changed.  No longer needed for daily work chores and transportation, the Saddlebred horse became a favorite of pleasure riders as well as a star in the show ring.   With style, courage and stamina they will serve you well.

Are you Interested in Taking Horseback Riding Lessons Near Janesville or Milton,WI.

Are you interested in taking horseback riding lessons near Janesville, Wisconsin? Maybe you are looking for horseback riding lessons for kids? Many people want to take horseback riding lessons but are afraid that they don’t have the skills it takes.

So what skills does a person have to already have to begin to take horseback riding lessons? What should you know before you start riding? Do you need your own horse? What equipment do you need to buy? What special clothing do you need? Many of these questions can be answered with a simple visit to the riding stables. Different stables have different requirements.

Most stables have beginner levels which do not require any previous knowledge of horses or horseback riding. Horses are usually available for use in riding lessons so you don’t need to own your own horse to take riding lessons. Many stables require wearing riding helmets which may be available for rent or use from the stables. If you are going to continue lessons, this would be something you might want to purchase for yourself or your child. The stables you are riding with may be able to help you purchase or have a dealer they work with to buy a helmet that fits properly.

There is no special clothing required to take beginner lessons for most stables. When you get into advanced horse show lessons, they may require proper riding attire. This may be especially true for a high end English riding stable. These stables may have an etiquette expected of their riders while in and around the stables. Most stables suggest you wear long pants and shoes. Sandals are not a good idea and long pants will reduce rubbing on the saddle leather with your legs. You can buy horse riding breeches if wish, but they are not typically required for beginner horse riding lessons.

First determine why you want to take lessons and the style of horseback riding you want learn. Do you want to learn English Pleasure Riding or Western style? Are you looking to take show riding lessons or just to have fun? Do you want to learn to ride horse for sports like jumping, barrel racing, or polo? Many riding stables specialize in a style of riding. You will want to talk to them to see what styles they can teach.

You don’t need to own your own horse to take lessons but if you have your own horse and, you may consider boarding your horse at the stable where you are taking lessons. This will allow you to train on your own horse. In this instance the training is as much for the horse as it is for the rider. If you are showing your horse in competition, training on your own horse is very important.

If you are thinking of taking horseback riding lessons, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give it a try. You could have the time of your life!

About Us

Kris is on the board of directors for the American Saddlebred Association of Wisconsin and has served as a judge in horse shows.   Kris and her sister, Kara are well respected within the Saddlebred community.Madison Classic mini7 They’ve been teaching horses to show and people to ride for over half their life now.

Besides training, they also offer horse riding lessons for all types of riders, from beginning to advanced.  There are many well seasoned lesson horses that love giving lessons to young and old. Bellaire is currently offering Horse Camps for young riders to come and learn all about daily care and grooming that is needed in the horse world.

Kris and Kara care about each horse that is boarded.  Each horse is individually worked to maintain a healthy and sound physique.  They  also breed and sell American Saddlebred horses from their own stock.


Horseback Riding Lessons Teach More than Riding a Horse

Horseback Riding Lessons teach our children more than just how to stay on the back of a horse.  That is only a very, very small part of what riding lessons can do for your child.

An average American Saddlebred horse weighs about 1,000 pounds and average 15 to 16 hands (60 to 64 inches) tall.  Your average 5 year old child is 44 inches and about 40 – 45 pounds.  Big difference!  Imagine the confidence that your 5 year old will develop when they have total control over that 1,000 pound horse!  What an amazing confidence booster!

Horseback riding lessons teach poise, balance and coordination.  Posting the trot on an English saddle is not the easiest task in the world.  I am learning to do this as an adult.   It takes practice and is hard work for me.  Yet I see little tots, young girls and boys posting as if they were born going up and down in the saddle.  Natural as can be!  They aren’t afraid, they are in total control.  This is a credit to their forward-thinking parents who put their children in riding lessons when they were young.

Riding lessons for English saddle has certain etiquette and manners that are expected in the arena.  These are lessons that will prepare your child to excel wherever their life path may lead them.   The proper manners and etiquette that are learned for the horse showing world are many of the same manners expected in certain situations in life.

The confidence that one develops in successfully riding a horse will carry through in many other areas of one’s life.  If your child goes a step further and shows horses, they will gain the poise and ability to remain calm in stressful situations.  We all can say that would be a great asset to have.  Even further, to own and care for one’s own horse is preparing your child to be dependable and confident that they can achieve anything.  Caring for an animal like a horse is a big responsibility.  If a child is willing to put in the hard work required, the lessons learned will put them that much further ahead of the competition when they go out into the world on their own.

Giving your child horseback riding lessons can provide a lifetime of confidence, self assurance and poise that will serve them well during their lifetime.  It is well worth the resources that you put toward the development and education of your children.

Horses for Sale

Check out the horses for sale at Bellaire Farms, Milton, Wisconsin.  We have horses at various ages and levels of training.   If you would like to see our horses, call Kris to make an appointment to visit.  (608) 868-3937 or (608) 290-2525.  Horses for sale by appointment only.

Royal Crest Stone Quest                                                                              

Pretty, big, high headed pleasure horse, 16.3 hands, 13 years old.  Has won or riboned at the biggest shows in the Mid-West Always walks.

Mysterious Accent                                                                                         

Excellent bred mare 10 years old by mystery writer our of a talk of a town mare. Shown lightly winning and placing in park. Ready for a new game rider.

Horse Camps

Are you looking for a fun summer activity near Janesville or Milton Wisconsin for your child?  What about a week at summer horse camp?  You child will spend his or her day learning all about horse safety, playing  horse games, making horse crafts and actually riding the horses twice each day!  We will also teach them the basics of horse care and how to behave around these beautiful animals.   Your child will have a week of memories that she or he will never forget!photo(6)Mini

If your child is already taking lessons or has already spent time with horses, this horse camp will further their knowledge and allow them to experience the thrill of spending quality time with these amazing animals.  If your child is new to the world of horses, we will introduce them at a comfortable pace and allow them to experience this new adventure with instructors that are familiar with beginners.

The grand finale of horse camp will be show put on by the students for family and friends to see the horseback riding skills learned by the students during the week.  What a great time this is for children of all ages!  This is a dream come true for many young riders or riders-to-be.

Cost for our camps:

It is 300 per week

Our current camp dates are:

July 18th-22nd

August 1st-5th

Horse Camp Registration Form

Horse Riding Lessons

We offer horse riding lessons to all ages and all skill levels.  Our riding instructors have years of experience in teaching students to ride horses.  We evaluate each rider’s skill level and teach each individual to ride horses properly.  We teach individual or group lessons.  Whether you are a beginner or a vetran, we can tailor horse riding lessons to your needs.


We have gentle, experienced horses to ride for lessons.  Each horse brings a different experience to the new rider.  If you have your own horse that you would like to bring in for lessons, or board at our facility, we can accommodate you as well.  We have both indoor and outdoor arenas.  No matter the weather outside, you can still ride.


Nothing builds confidence in a young women or young man, than to master the art of riding a horse.  Horse riding lessons are more than just teaching you to sit correctly in a saddle.  It teaches you coordination, balance and self confidence.  These are things that are great for everyone at any age.


Horse Riding Lessons

Call Bellaire Farms at (608) 868-3937 or (608) 290-2525 to discuss your horse riding lessons.